Interactive Eviction Map

Each year, roughly 9,000 evictions are filed in Jackson County. Many more evictions occur informally, outside of the court system, and with no data to represent them. We encourage you to explore how evictions have impacted your community on this interactive eviction map.  

About THE map

This map was made by the Kansas City Eviction Project using data assembled from the 2010 Census, MSDIS, and taken from Casenet from cases filed between 2006-2016. We intend to update this map as 2017 eviction case data become available. For detailed questions about the analysis, underlying data, or motivation, please email This map was made possible by support from the Kemper Family Foundations. 


Formal evictions occur frequently and throughout Jackson County. 

  • There were over 105,000 eviction filings from 2006-2016, with over 23,000 court ordered notices to vacate
  • In the greater Kansas City area, there were no census blocks without an eviction case 

Evictions often happen at the same places and geographies over time 

  • Over 80 percent of eviction filings occurred in properties where at least one prior eviction had been seen in court during the study period 
  • The top 100 properties by eviction case count account for more than ten percent of all eviction cases 
  • Over ten percent of all evictions in Kansas City occur in one of ten different census block groups

Evictions occur in high poverty areas. 

  • The top ten Census Block Groups by eviction cases have an average median income of around $30,000 a year compared to a $50,000 median income for Jackson County